The purchase skills of plastic tarpaulin

- 2020-07-28-

In our lives,Plastic tarpaulinThere are many types, and their functions and performance characteristics are also different. For example, the store now has tarps, tarps, and car tarps. All kinds of tarpaulins produced by our company are made of PE woven fabrics, which are widely used in sailboats at first. In modern times, people wear tarpaulins when camping and sightseeing.

Choosing a tarp requires technology, the first thing to pay attention to is the material of the tarp. Investigate whether there are abundance of harmful substances, whether it emits toxic gases, and whether it is harmful to human health. Second, if tarpaulins are purchased in large quantities, consumers can go to the manufacturer to investigate and propose a suitable price. When choosing a tarp, the basic functions of the tarp cannot be ignored.

Color selection of plastic tarpaulin:

As for the color, if the cargo does not have too much heat inside, it is recommended to use a light color. Due to poor light transmission, the natural heat source brought by the sun may be lost. The color will affect the internal temperature. I like the high light transmittance, but the heat is also very high. You must pay attention when choosing, so the choice of tarpaulin should meet your needs. The light transmission performance of the tarpaulin is better than that of the tarpaulin, and it has better light transmission performance at a lower temperature.

Qingdao Haixin Jinpeng Industrial Co., Ltd. produces plastic tarpaulins of various colors, weights and specifications. It can also provide special functions such as flame-retardant, anti-ultraviolet, grille, etc. according to customers' individual requirements. Welcome to our factory to negotiate!